Wednesday, November 26, 2008

tugged by Christ, some responses

While taking a break from preparing for the Belsnickel craft show, I read a short story while my oil was being changed...

Near the end, a woman decides to help a person who was asking for food in order to feed his dog. She turns and sees a man with an empty tin cup...

He had seen. And I was giving him---- nothing.

How far do you take a thing like this? I think you take it all the way to heart. We give what we can----- that's as far as the heart can go.

from ..Nashville Gone To Ashes by Amy Hempel.
This past Sunday I heard the great Judgment classic sermon on Christ is King.

Over at Quantum Theology, my friend Michelle wrote about trying to see Christ in the poverty poverty one experiences while walking the streets of Philadelphia.

How to respond? I will steal the above... The key is to take it to the heart. The response will arise and we may all respond differently.

donate, volunteer, write, work, play, love, struggle, bring joy, or...

what you can do is respond with music and lyrics...

A plane carrying "deportees" crashes and Woody Guthrie's heart responded, "Is this the best way we can..."

Years later his son Arlo Guthrie and EmmyLou Harris make a video of the song...

Arlo Guthrie and Emmylou Harrris - Deportees


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. The song is beautiful (and true and heartbreaking).

  2. (Oh-- and the God CD-- I haven't blogged about it, and I seem to have misplaced it. But I'm looking for it again, because what was on it felt like call to me.)

  3. Mrs. M-- Your welcome. The post had been percolating for days. I hope you find the music.

  4. Thanks for the music to go with the response to the tugs. I'm still being tugged, still thinking about it...and have written more.

  5. Michelle--- is it true that humans like batteries recharge better when totally exhausted... will get to your words after the craft show. promise.

  6. Rest! Ps 4:9 -- may you lie down in peace and sleep come at once.

  7. Michelle--- I read your comment the night it was posted and yet another restless night came to be, but the psalm stayed with me, then after a fifteen hour day... 8 straight hours of sleep.


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