Tuesday, November 18, 2008

taking on Der Belsnickel

I've been at this blogging stuff for over a year and I have failed to mention that I am a Pennsylvania German. My one grandfather spoke the Dutch to his best friend. Anyway...

My people are given credit for this character, Belsnickel... St Nicholas in furs is what it means and unlike the more modern Santa, this guy showed up earlier, just before bedtime. Treats in one hand, a switch in the other. This guy is said to be a precursor to that naughty or nice stuff. I read that he did give the bad boys and girls a chance at redemption, recite a poem or sing a song and you may not get the switch. Anway...

The 2008 Der Belsnickel Craft Show is happening soon, November 28-29, 2008. Yes, I finally get some time off from teaching (first day off since we started in September) and we will exhaust ourselves. The hours are 11AM to 7 PM on Friday and 10 AM till 4 PM on Saturday.

It is a fundraiser for the Boyertown Area Historical Society, which in our minds is a way cool thing to support. It also gives folk to buy some handmade presents for those who have at least attempted to be nice.

and we still have our ETSY shop ... Nutmeg Designs, for those of you who are not fortunate enough to live in the land of Der Belsnickel.



  1. Beautiful art. I too am of German heritage although not from Pennsylvania. I've never heard of Belsnickel but the precursor story sounds on target. Enjoy the show in spite of the exhaustion.

  2. Kathryn--- thanks for the best wishes.

    Hope all goes well with your teaching, OK let us be realistic, I hope you are riding the roller coaster well. I am on a ride.

  3. Is that your work Stratoz? Gorgeous. I've got a lot of catching up to do after our trip to Italy where no computer followed me.

  4. Beryl--- welcome back. The stained glass is my work, the mosaic is my wife's.


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