Saturday, November 29, 2008

Gratitude 2

stamina for the Belsnickel craft show--- well my back gave out yesterday and now aches where it never ached before, but I survived the 15 hours yesterday and the 12 hours today.

success--- We have heard if you make 6-7 times what you pay for the booth, then it is a good show. We did 9.6 X. Yesterday was good. Today was great. 22 of our pieces have new homes.

Diner food after a 15 hour day---

Diner Food!

add to that, a huge piece of banana cream pie.

Friends--- nine of those invited showed up, including two who live in my neighborhood.

Bribes--- "I will give you pie, chocolate, and beer..." was the phone message waiting when we got home from the fifteen hour day. message to SK--- We got your stuff, and your marriage is safe for this one sold...

poinsettia mosaic

sleep--- last night I slept straight through, 8 hours.

Our neighbor at the craft show --- Kristen Von Hohen and her mom were upbeat and joyful. The ceramics and their smiles made a long time easier to take. And they graciously sold me a vase filled with hope.. "I will fill it with flowers next year," I told Mosaic Woman...

Lace pottery vase by Kristen Von Hohen


  1. Marriage is safe as long as I don't look at any of mosaic woman's temptations....congrats!!!! More beer and chocolate available when you are ready.

  2. msklem--- thanks for the congrats. will get your stuff to you today at church. The muffin lady was quite happy.

  3. WOW!!!!! Great news!!! Don't spend all of your "booty" in one place! ;p

  4. giggles--- no problem there. we probably already spent it... with our desire of making the booth look professional, we have invested heavily. I actually had light passing through most if not all of my stained glass and we have plans to adapt for this coming weekend. M had most of her mosaics hanging on our new pro-panel walls instead of down on tables

  5. That's great that it was so successful except for the back. I hope you feel better soon.

    Lighting the stained glass is a brilliant idea and probably helped the sales considerably. The pictures are all beautiful. I'll bet that diner food looked like art, or at least a vision, at the end of a long day.

  6. Kathryn--- thanks for the comment. Margaret introduced me to the food of the world, I took her to a diner for the first time. I think we are even.


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