Monday, November 3, 2008

tired, but who could guess why

  1. maybe it is falling behind watching the World Series
  2. maybe it is trying to keep up at work, simply impossible even if you don't do number 1
  3. maybe it is pending election
  4. maybe it is what happened while telling my story last Tuesday night, maybe it is avoiding and not avoiding what happened
  5. maybe it is preparing for a pending craft show
  6. maybe it is making strudel all day
  7. maybe it is the short days and dying plants
  8. maybe it is the off gassing of the wall panels I took out of boxes
  9. maybe it is a list of things I could do around this house

but I am feeling overwhelmed, behind everywhere, no chance of ever catching up.

it happens from time to time, doesn't it.

creation unfolds at a rate that I can't keep up.

but do you know they located ...

Genes For Musical Aptitude In Finnish Families

10....... maybe it is wading through more information than I could teach in 1000 lifetimes.

I have ridden these waves before and I have hope to ride this one to where it takes me...


If I go to sleep I trust God will create a new day, then I move on and do what I can along that cresting wave.

OK, I needed to rant. if you stuck it out, thanks. The shower curtain mandala is all foiled and will be completed Wednesday night. That's the plan... Look for photos and a story after that

to CS and SK... we dealt with the Trinity again tonight so although you were missed, we did not move on. I am filled with hope. Thanks for your hard work


  1. Couldn't get your link to work, but such medical discoveries make my wheels spin a bit. It's almost as if we are approaching a place where: You want your child to play the flute? Here's the chip that will enable it to be so. We'll just inject it into the embryo and-Voila!

    Okay. So it's early here and the day of days at that. Hope your wait at the polls doesn't take your schedule farther down the tubes....

  2. I stuck it out and I'm sorry that you are feeling overwhelmed right now. That is never fun.

    I understand and am struggling in a similar vein. It doesn't help that it's November and when you live on the south shore of one of the Great Lakes, that means unrelenting gray skies. I'm about to head to the polls - maybe that will cheer me up.

  3. Jim--- voting went well. Good friends close enough to chat in line, then some how all the m-z folk in the world were gone, and I was whisked to the front of the line.

    Kathryn-- I think the rant was needed and as the list grew I saw a bit clearer why I was a bit toasty.

  4. and so we begin, a new day.

    i'm finally touching my laptop after 72 hours away, trying to reconnect with the world after a tough 3-4 days at the campaign. the local reporter who visted headquarters some day this past three said "you're in a bunker here!" when i missed a reference to something that was currently happening out in the world. he was absolutely right.

    democracy is a messy process and exhausting, even when what we worked hard for comes about. as i start to process this entire period in my life and try to find the context, i suspect i'll find that the small moments will be the ones i take away. at least, i hope so. so many stories, so many journeys bringing people to this day, this place, this defining moment.

    it's still surreal to me . . . but that small, struggling flame that i've tended all these years has burst back into life. and i am warmed.

  5. CSmith--- I am so glad that you are feeling that warmth. Now my hope turns to the Wisdom the elected folk need...

  6. OK, so I wrote this really deep and thoughtful comment and then lost it in cyberspace - I will try and recreate.

    I am still in a state of suspended belief that all the hard work paid off. I can't believe that the candidate I chose actually won.

    In regards to being overwhelmed - I'm right there with you. I too am taking each day as it comes, trying to find small joys and doing what I can to push the rock a little farther up the mountain.

  7. msklem--- who would have thought that the Phillies and a Democrat would win in the same year. !980 was not so lucky for us, we only got the Phillies.


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