Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gratitude 1

There is so much to be grateful for...

There is a young man whom I love. Like myself he has had his ups and downs and I have been worried about him from time to time. Not so long ago he was expelled from an institution as I was about his age. Today we gathered in a historic hotel, family. We feasted for two hours and chatted around one of the best tables they had to offer. We had a grand view. Then when we said good bye, he turned professional, for he was "manager on duty" for the next eight hours.

He did not take the usual route, but who does? He opted out of college. Coming home after the last venture turned sour, he started as a doorman and the promotions have come fast and furious. He will have more ups and downs.

My greatest thanks for the day was that he was happy and doing well.



  1. It warms the heart to see a bit of "success achieved" by those who have struggled along the way. My nephew's "boy" stopped by to visit our Thanksgiving group and talked of younger mischief, but with an obvious maturity reached somehow in the journey. Two more days, my friend, and we push toward the two weeks of Christmas break. I look forward with anticipation, but am in no hurry to lose the days that come to us inbetween........

  2. Jim-- "reached somehow" tis a mystery.


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