Monday, November 24, 2008


My buddy Jim at Brainwaves speaks about a spirit filled life, centered on being tugged... "Did you do your best to follow His tug on your reins, to commune with him at the well," he wrote at the end of a recent post. I think Saint Ignatius would have agreed.

So here I am one day away from my first day off from teaching since Labor Day, and I will be filling two days getting ready (with a break to feast with family), two days attending, and a Sunday resting... a craft show.

I have been tugged my whole life to draw designs. Glass is relatively new, but I may have made a discernment that it is where I am being tugged.

I have a friend named Bud Hohlfeld, who is a wood worker. A talented one at that. He used to be tugged by glass. He has a lot of stained glass. He has given us a lot of what he calls scraps. I went to his house to check out his glass and he said he wanted to sell all the big pieces. He told me a price. I am being tugged.

For now I am still working on washing the "scraps" he gave us and the old dishwasher as dish rack trick is working out nicely...

Bud's glass

When I got to Bud's house, I tried to take a look at his glass pieces, but the sun was setting. One was a large rose. The next "original design" I drew reminded me of it, and I used seven types of Bud's glass in it. Bud's own rose had a greater likeness of a rose but the center reminded me of a Rennie MacIntosh rose. My center does that too but I spiral out differently than Bud did. Here is what I have called Bud's Rose... one up close shows the colors, the other shows a cool sky... well what sky isn't cool????

Bud's Rose-- macro

Bud's Rose-- stained glass with sky


  1. I wasn't thinking of being "tugged" in such a manner when I penned that line, Wayne; but I see no reason why His hand shouldn't direct us in more ways than spiritual ethics. Enjoy the craft event, my friend, and know His peace in the flow....

  2. Thanks for letting me stretch your manner of use. I see the tug being a pull which takes us toward becoming our true selves; and more and more glass seems to be part of that for me.

  3. The glass is beautiful even in the dish rack. I enjoy watching your art in progress. I hope you have a nice Thanksgiving and a worthwhile craft show.

  4. Follow that tug... It is trying to lead you somewhere!!!!! I followed my musical tug to purchase the CD I mentioned the other day... glad I did...that tug is telling me I need more music in my life. I need to reconnect with that part of myself .... I disconnected a long time ago but am awakening to the fact that music is waaaaaay too important in my life to not have it... Follow that its telling you something too.....

  5. Kathryn--- Glass is good. thanks for the best wishes.

    Giggles-- Music is Good.


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