Saturday, November 1, 2008

strudelfest 2008

I need Advil. I have a fridge full of strudel. My mom asks if I remember seeing the Phillies win the world series. I say how could I forget and laugh at myself for saying such a thing. My dad and I try to remember some details of that night.

I started at 11:00 am. By 7:30 it was cleaned up. My mom is an amazing cleaner.

I put a bit too much salt in the new strudel... potato leek. If I was a manager for a losing team I would say I have no regrets. I do. It smelled so incredible in the oven. Couldn't the manager be sad for losing and joyful for an incredible season? Are they not allowed more than one emotion at a time? How many did I have today?

I dug into my box of memories and found tickets and a world series program from 1980. My dad remembers the night we sat in a fancy box at a Flyers game. I remember a Monday Night game in which the Eagles got trounced.

My mom even watched the world series this year. To 2:00 am.

I prayed before I started. Thanks Michelle.

All the doughs (7 batches were stretched) were good to great. You can tell as soon as you pick one up to stretch it. Bad ones take forever, well it seems like forever. The joy and relief of feeling a good dough.

The last time my grandmother made me strudel, was the day she taught me how to make it. Soon after a stroke put her in no shape to bake anything let alone strudel. Before I sat down to write this I was in my studio thinking of that day. I dug though old photo albums. There were my grandma's hands stretching dough. How blessed am I?

My sister did not feel well and did not come down. She was missed.

I just feel so groggy. Now that I am filled up on carbs, it is time to hibernate.

How many emotions? good thing I am stoic or I would feel something.

well, I do feel something.... off for some Advil.


  1. I've been to one pro baseball game in my life, as a Fifth Grade kid, and remember nothing other than the entrance way into old Crosley Field. Why that particular scene yet registers with me is beyond my reasoning. I can boil water, fry eggs and potatoes, and open a can of lima beans. It's comforting to me, somehow, to read you and know all the skills you possess. Not one trick or treater rang our doorbell. Hope yours was a success....

  2. I could make one mean grilled cheese when I met my dear wife. Now I can make up dishes by what I find in our garden.

    It is so none stop on this street we (who participate) sit on our porches and greet the cherubs (young and old) before they can get to our doorbells.

    I found a ticket from our first game together. My dad remembered that Tom Seaver started for the NY Mets. Hmm, maybe I should take the man to a game next year...

  3. I'm glad it was grace...I'm typing this as beautiful jazz piano and horn play 15 feet away...

  4. I am not covetous at all, well maybe a bit ;')


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