Monday, May 16, 2011

facing the elemental end on Science Mondays

Sulphur photo by Kiwi Flickr

the final quarter ends and we move into overtime soon at the school. Some see it as a place to wade upstream to graduation, I see it as a time to finish off the garden in horticulture and to explore something new in science.

Last year I had found a book on Game Theory and zoology took quite a left turn. This year I found the Periodic Table of Videos. In Space and Earth science we have come across an element or two, so this looks wonderful to my eyes. And I think the students will dig it too, at which point there is no upstream. There is just riding the flowing waters till the adventure ends:

So what is your favorite element? why?



  1. Such a difficult choice. The flashy ones like gold, silver, platinum are tempting but I'm going with carbon. It seems a dreary choice excepting diamonds which aren't the point. I loved organic chemistry and the infinite variety of structures. Synthesis and analysis problems were always my favorite and a benzene ring is a thing of beauty - esp. in stained glass!

  2. Hey Kathryn--- yes, there is a beauty to benzene rings. ;')


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