Sunday, May 22, 2011

faithfulness 2: it is a heavy word

The letters are cut but the thoughts and scraps of orange glass remain floating about my head.

I spoke of faithfulness the other night when I met with my spirit group at Gwynedd Friends Meeting House. I spoke of my new wedding ring. Then I said, "Faithfulness is a heavy word."

When I finished talking the group fell into silence, then folk asked me questions. One was to talk more about the heaviness. I tumbled into thoughts. I spoke of how joy, love, and peace were light words. I spoke of the ever presence of doubts. It seemed like I had not gotten a huge piece of fruit called faithfulness. But it is not like I don't also have sadness, hatred, and angst in my life. There seemed to be a huge "should" weighing fown the word. I can't imagine a God saying, "You better be joyful or not." But it seemed like I had no problem with God demanding faithfulness. It was not a fruit that grew within me, but a command. I wanted to spend time with the word.

For days I have been seeing the reflection of the letters in a mirror. The reflection is not heavy. I like that image and want to travel deeper into the word.

as always, I am curious what you think.



  1. I don't know if I ever thought of the concept being heavy until you've brought this conversation to the forefront. I suppose to some it could feel heavy, like a backpack. But I, who often carry my heavy camera in my pack, don't mind the weight. I actually prefer it. I have lived faithless, and I like faithful much, much better.

  2. Snowcatcher. Thanks for your take on my thoughts. Much appreciated. I had several missing years from the church and faith.


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