Saturday, May 7, 2011

Watching, finding photos while being still

On Good Friday I sat for an hour with God and my camera (that post is still emerging). On that day I could take photos as the objects caught my eye.

My wordless Wednesday post featured three photos from my church (Holy Trinity Episcopal in Lansdale, PA) . On Sunday I sat and imagined photos and waited for the service to come to an end. Next to me was my favorite glass. Between us sat a large display of white flowers. A stalk of snapdragon blooms rose above everything. For the last 30 minutes of church I imagined a photo of those snapdragons.

And as people lingered or headed toward the exit, I plopped down on the floor ...

47  275/365  The Color of Easter 3



  1. Absolutely gorgeous. Stained glass is such an elegant medium!

  2. I can picture myself doing something like that Wayne (the getting on the floor part, I mean). Often my mind will wander during church as I see the light hit something just right. The problem is that usually by the time church is over, the light has moved on; either that, or the object has. :)

  3. That's an awesome shot! I don't have enough nerve to shoot pictures in church..Maybe one day I will sneak in and take pictures :-)

  4. All-- Thanks for the visit. Maybe I will take the camera with me today and see what catches my eye.

  5. They take on new meaning, don't they?

  6. Ruth and everyone--- the cool thing is that I have always considered snapdragons as a favored flower but one I could not get a good photo of, apparently I just needed the right background


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