Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Grout Monster: aka Joanne Leva

1. Joanne Leva is the director of The Montgomery County Poet Laureate Program here in Pennsylvania.

2. She is one of Mosaic Woman's best friends.

3. She is the poet behind the Film Noir Events at the Ambler Theater.

4. She encouraged Mosaic Woman. We got commissioned for 25 picture frames while we were in the midst of Holiday Craft Show Mania. Joanne suggested she help grout. The project came into being as did the Grout Monster.

5. When we recently got commissioned to make mosaics of the fruits of the spirit, we decided to make a gift for the Grout Monster for all her hard work. It gave us a way to estimate how long it would take to design those fruits and celebrate a friendship all at once.

6. Sunday she came over to grout again, Mosaic Woman prepared by getting out her green tape.

7. I prepared by setting up the tripod and camera...

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