Thursday, May 26, 2011

The scraps of Faithfulness: doodling

I have three ideas of what to do with the scraps I have from the faithfulness project. This is the second that I started, and the first to be finished (hint: Mosaic Woman will be completing the first one). Can't say this is a totally jazzed up stratozpheric endeavor since some Bruce Springsteen was playing at one point. What I can say is this, I love this piece and holding it up to the light was a splendid moment in time. At this point it is in the suncatcher section of our etsy shop.

By the way, this was done in an entirely new way. I took 14 pieces of scrap glass, drew my favored shape on it, cut them out, and then did the doodling. Normally when I do a stratozpheric doodle of glass, I cut out pattern pieces which I glue to glass, then doodle. And if you are interested in how it emerged, I started with the big piece, and swirled around with smaller and smaller pieces.


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