Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Corning Amber for Wordless Wednesday

amber lamps

Lino's Spirale, 1994

amber lantern

Harvey's Conical Intersection, 1984

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  1. Great shots! Corning has such beautiful exhibits! The Amber glass is so pretty!

  2. Absolutely stunning. Although I collect milk glass and cobalt, I've become a big fan of amber glass. My MIL gave me 4 cut glass serving bowls in amber that I love to use. The swirl design in the second photo is mesmerizing! Happy WW!

  3. Very different glass from what I've grown accustomed to seeing here! That spiral one is, well, what Jane said... mesmerizing.

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  5. Several years ago we drove from Niagra to N.Y.C. My husband just informed me that we passed by Corning and the museum. What a missed opportunity! If we ever make it back that way, it's on my list!


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