Friday, May 13, 2011

Another Earth

47 281/365  The Watch 2

Sometimes when you sit down with no idea, all you can do is stumble.

There is a movie out there called Another Earth, I can't tell you how good it is, but it is about how a moment changes your life. In this case a tragic moment.

This year in my science classes we have explored turning points in the lives of some scientists.

Something catches their soul and it resonates so loudly it becomes their life. I want my students to be aware that life can be such an adventure.

If there was another Earth, with another you, could that you have stumbled upon the same thing that has created your passion? Could it not have?


  1. Nice timing. I'm thinking about adventure lately myself.

  2. Di and Robin--- thanks for testing the system ;')

  3. Watching and watching, always.

  4. Ruth--- perfect comment. The photo is from a series I am calling The Watch over on flickr, which eventually will be a blog post.

  5. Some time, stumbling is also a learning time. I do that :-)

    I'm glad you did run over the baby bunnies with your shovel...

  6. Icy BC--- I could be a professional stumbler if only it paid better ;')


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