Monday, April 15, 2013

M is for Music ~ a one word message that soothes my soul

Lettering and treble clef by Wayne Stratz
Background by Margaret Almon

Those of you who followed my blog before the A to Z challenge know that I gave up news for Lent, especially while commuting to work.  Since Easter, I have turned the news on but not everyday. So with a decision to go with news, I drove home getting the earliest news reports of the explosions in Boston.

For as long as I can remember I have turned to music to soothe my soul. Nothing moves me in the same way. 

Recently we went to see Kurt Elling in concert. He told the story of wanting to find words for a tune by Duke Ellington.  Then he was inspired by an improvised melody by Von Freeman.  Finally he read a poem by Rumi and it all came together.

I offer this up on this long night.

I like the sunrise cause it brings a new day
I like a new day. It brings new hope thet say
I like the sunrise  blazing in the new sky
Nightime is weary.  Oh, and so am I


  1. Music is so powerful. For me, the thing that soothes my soul most is poetry, which is, of course, very like music.

    Have a wonderful Tuesday.

  2. The glass is beautiful, and the lyrics so meaningful at this time. How I wish music could heal the world.

  3. It feels good to shut out the world for a while. Playing the music that speaks most to us is a good way to do that.

    Thanks for all your comments and connections. They make me smile.

    Play off the Page

  4. I love those color gradations in your music mosaic!

  5. Dana ~ my friend Ruth who commented below your comment would agree about poetry. Her poems have soothed my soul
    Snowcatcher ~ been listening to the CD
    Mary ~ Margaret reminded me the other day that it was the A to Z that brought the two of you together, now it appears to be connecting me to Dana
    Ruth ~ I was hoping you would see this. He sang both when we saw him a few weeks back.
    Valerie ~ Margaret did such an amazing job with the background


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