Sunday, April 7, 2013

F is for Faithfulness ~ The A to Z of One Word Messages

Mirror Image of the beginning
of our Fruits of the Spirit Project
I am humbled by the faith that occurs when a client contacts us to create a piece of art. If it is their one word message, they have asked us to create something intimate. What about nine one word messages?  What if they were inspired to celebrate the fruits of the spirit. 

No matter the size of a project, before we can begin, colors must be chosen. When our friends commissioned the fruits of the spirit, we had them over for pizza. Then we headed into our studios. Orange was good. Green was less favored. Then they left, but trusting us to take their hope for beautiful words, the colors they dig, and the faith that humbles us ~

The Fruits of the Spirit
words by Wayne Stratz
Backgrounds by Maragret Almon
Borders by Suzanne Halstead


  1. Look at that wall of wonderfulness and inspiration! Lovely.

  2. Lovely work. I lead labyrinth walks, so this was especially nice.


  3. I love how you decorated the wall.

  4. and the artists had plenty of time to think upon those words while they were being formed...i would suspect.

  5. My goodness!!! These mosaics in combination are simply stunning!

  6. They are beautiful! Wonderful collaboration.

  7. Beautiful! Wonderful collaboration....

  8. Everything I've seen so far has been beautiful! I love this wall. You all did a fantastic job.

  9. Dana ~ thanks for all the visits. Makes me smile indeed
    Kern ~ it was a special day at the wall
    Beth ~ that one was in the backyard of our friends/clients. Sadly they moved out of the area since the picture was taken
    EmmyJane ~ that was our friends way of displaying the mosaics we made for them
    Nance ~ lots and lots of time indeed
    Snowcatcher ~ thanks. frult was a special commission
    Linda ~ yes indeed. and having our friend created the border made it even more special
    in the coop ~ Thanks! I am glad that idea of the a to z came to my mind


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