Monday, April 8, 2013

G is for Garden ~ The A to Z of one word mosaic messages

I spent my day with my students, who were so excited to be out and about in the gardens at my school. March was cold.

I came home a bit tired, but was excited to see how Margaret had finished off the background on what looked like this not so long ago when it left my studio ~

The client who ordered this chose the colors based on a welcome sign we had done in the past. Well, if you know us you know we love orange, and we surely love orange in our garden. So, who were we to refuse. Does the one word message, "Garden" take you to special place?

Here are orange scenes from gardens past ~

zinnia by Wayne Stratz

Midas the orange cat with orange zinnias
by Wayne Stratz

Flower arrangement
by Wayne Stratz
Lantana going well with a
mosaic bowling ball (created by Margaret Almon)

Marigold by Wayne Stratz


  1. i like zinnias.
    my mom would grow marigolds along the short sidewalk in front of our house long ago. my job was to weed them.

    that's all i got, today.

  2. I love all those various splashes of orange in the garden. The word garden always makes me think of my grandfather. I was pretty young when he passed, but he had such a green thumb, and I remember puttering around with him in his rows of veggies.

  3. Lovely work! And a great idea for the AtoZ! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Lovely craftsmanship, and a great idea for the AtoZ!

    (Forgive me if this posts multiple times).

  5. Garden ahhh
    It speaks so many words and songs (and work)

    lovely mosaic

    Lady's Knight

  6. How lovely! I think the orange in the mosaic is perfect for the garden, and I just love flowers! You've had quite a few!

  7. When I think "garden," I think about greens and purples and reds and that wonderful smell of wet dirt. :)

    Your mosaic is lovely. I really like the orange.

  8. Nance ~ Zinnias have become a favorite at home and school. Plenty make it into vases
    Jocelyn ~ thanks for sharing your thoughts. Took me back to my grandmother's garden
    PJ ~ thanks for the visit and kindness
    Lady Knight ~ Now I have Arlo Guthrie sing the Garden Song in my head. What a hoot!
    Snowcatcher ~ Yes, I have been blessed by many a bloom
    Dana ~ Gardens are a rainbow indeed.


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