Friday, April 5, 2013

E is for Endless e's ~ The A to Z of One Word Messages

a word with many e's
by Wayne Stratz and Margaret Almon
Having been cutting out many a glass letter, I have decided that I do not dig e's.  But the font above is a nicer font for an e than the usual one we use.  And e's show up in so many words.  It is strange how creating signs has made us more intimate with the shapes of letters.  Oh, and yes, Margaret does not dig the tiny space I leave in each of the e's.

Ok, that is as much of a rant as you will see in this A to Z.  But maybe it goes back to elementary school when I could have been a straight A student if only I didn't get low grades for my handwriting.  Ironic that now I am known for finely crafted signs.

"g" by Wayne
background and innerground by Margaret

and what about this ~  Well, it has been a rare thing, but a lowercase "g" was quite the adventure.  Just don't ask Margaret about filling in two spaces within one letter.  ;')  But just look at her name.  There is a g, 2 a's and of course an e.


  1. I too got low grades for my poor penmanship. I don't think it ever improved much!

  2. Your work is really beautiful! Talk about people that inspire... :)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Beautiful letters (including the e's) and beautiful signs! I have never seen any other stained glass with lettering in it. And yes, I love the irony of getting poor marks for handwriting and then going on to make signs for a living. So enjoying discovering such a tremendous range of blogs in this challenge. I like yours because you show us something you've made (in addition to the words you craft in the posts themselves). Thank you.

  4. Awesome work and great atoZ so far. Just popped in from seeing your comment on anothers. Have a great challenge.

  5. :-)

    jazzman, just so you don't forget...

    the capital E is for Eddie Lockjaw Davis

  6. Great post. I love your work. If I ever get rich enough to design my own space, I'll be calling you for specialized work! There are no e's in my name, but three a's and a d. :) Writer’s Mark

  7. Wow, these signs are gorgeous. I must check out your Etsy shop.

  8. Very nice artwork.

  9. Love your photographs and the commentary AND your stained glass artistry - each example is a visual treat

  10. Who cares what your early handwriting looked like when you can produce letters like these! And of glass to boot!

  11. Opal ~ my cursive writing barely exists except for my signature, which cannot be deciphered
    Dana ~ and how much work could I do if I did not procrastinate
    Josna ~ glad you like the e's. I have gotten better and better with my lettering
    Lynnelives ~ thanks for popping in. I have been trying some random popping myself
    Nance ~ one year the Jazzman will go a to z with jazz
    Nancy ~ I will forgive all thos a's, especially since you have no g's
    Anstice ~ thanks, gorgeous is a splendid compliment
    Border-breaker ~ thanks
    emmlyjane ~ thanks
    Bridget ~ thanks for liking the commentary as well as the images. I am trying to be brief in my thoughts
    Snowcatcher ~ maybe if I took my time with a pen, like I do with glass... my penmanship would have earned A's


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