Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Joy and Jazz ~ two one word messages

Joy Mandala
Design, lettering, big pieces by Wayne Stratz
dark to light background by Margaret Almon

Jazz shimmers
letters by Wayne Stratz
shimmering background by Margaret Almon

  • The most important moment in my teaching career was when I decided the number one thing that mattered in my classroom was the presence of joy.  Not that I have anything against peace, love, and understanding (and Hope!)
  • Besides hope, no other word has emerged as many times from our studio.
  • I have a splendid friend named Joy, who I miss and who I hope to see this June.
  • Joy is a full immersion one word message.  It resonates from your heart and fills your entire body.
  • My 21st rule on my classroom wall ~ feel free to enjoy the jazz.
  • My musical tastes have changed my entire life.  Who knows what the future holds, but for a decade plus jazz has ruled the day.
  • Jazz concerts are joyful.  The musicians are truly playing with each other.
  • The one word message.  Jazz unfolds with my life. It is in my classroom, my commutes these days (today I sat in a long line of traffic stopped by a train and enjoyed listening to Miles Davis), it is in my studio, and it randomly flows from six CD's when we have friends over for pizza. 
What brings you joy?
What word represents a presence in your life, like jazz is present in mine?

Rainbow by Margaret Almon
classic black by Wayne Stratz

background by Margaret Almon
peachy keen jazz by Wayne Stratz

one of our best
background by Margaret Almon
Youghiogheny Jazz by Wayne Stratz

small blue pieces by Margaret Almon
lettering and big blue by Wayne Stratz


  1. "Joy is a full immersion one word message. It resonates from your heart and fills your entire body."
    I love this. Keep spreading the joy with your gorgeous stained glass. J

  2. fantastic j works...

  3. I've been lucky to have two people named Joy in my life. Folk music resonates with me best but most types of music works for me. One word for a presence in my life.. Creativity
    Great AtoZ, I love your art.

  4. Beautiful! Your work brings joy and a smile to me, love these pieces. My middle name is Joy :)

  5. A friend emailed this morning:
    I hope you are finding joy today, or it has found you!
    It can happen both ways!


  6. I believe joy brings out the best in your creativity. All of them are so inspirational and moving, but the rainbow definitely is my favorite.

  7. Josna ~ just heard from a joyful client who got a cello suncatcher last week
    Nance ~ J's are good at times
    Lynnelives ~ I have heard a bit of folk music in my day. Nanci Griffith brings joy to me for sure
    Carol ~ I approve of your middle name!
    Beth ~ Yes, I always hope to be shocked by unexpected joys
    Snowcatcher ~ Thanks, Rainbows R Us


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