Monday, April 29, 2013

Y is for Your this, your that or your other word ~ The A to Z challenge of one word messages

Windward Farm Garden Retreat
lettering by Wayne Stratz
background by Margaret Almon
This has been all about one word messages and I will get back to that in a second. But truth is, some things can't be said in one word, when Dorothy Ernst contacted us to make the above sign, we did not tell her that she had to change her business name no matter how much easier that would have been.

As I have travelled from a to nearly z, some of the words have been mine and some have been Margaret's, and some of our words have been made for your situation. At Nutmeg Designs, we love to be inspired by you. 

Info about commissioning us can be found here

because it is all about YOUR... 


  1. Beautiful sign, love the color combination, blue and green always a favorite. A-Z

  2. That does look like a nice place to escape to. And beautiful sign!

  3. I think of all the words you've done, this one is the most impressive for the sheer amount of work that must have gone into it. My eyeballs nearly popped out! I hope the creative process was enjoyable!


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