Sunday, November 16, 2008

Flickr Sundays-- elize.avery

Here is how she describes herself in her profile... "Grew up in Asia, live in the US rustbelt (where we get an average of only 55 sunny days per year) . I'm an artist, writer, mom, mosaic maker, and great fan of anything silly."

It isn't always silly at her site, but when she is focusing on vintage LP's and magazine ads... I often call mosaic woman over for a laugh.

her stained glass mosaics (which I hope to see more of)... she makes mosaics on clear glass so that the light can sign through... very cool. click on any of them to see her title, her comments, and the comments of those who love visiting her. if you need beauty click the top one, need a laugh go to the bottom.

childrens book illustrations:

and old advertisements: here a recent one from a 1930's Redbook.


  1. Thank you so much! I'm really touched and flattered. I haven't been able to make much art since my husband's surgery six months ago. But I have a window in mind and am just waiting for the space and time to make it real.

  2. elizabeth--- Your welcome... another cool thing about your site is that the comments turn into a conversation.


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