Friday, November 7, 2008

no longer...

Mosaic Woman and I just watched a music video from the 1980's. We laughed. We remembered. We were scared.

I play lots of jazz in my classroom, you know anything to rile up the masses.

One angry young man used to say..."Why don't you play rock music?"

My answer.... "I am no longer an angry young man."

So what took us to a place of wanting to watch a video by the Cure. It was a rather cool movie called Starter for Ten, which was set in 1986 and the lead was a freshman at university. The soundtrack was a flashback. I graduated from college, toured the Catskills on my bike and ended the year cutting my hair to teach at a military academy. I owned jeans with many holes. Mosaic Woman was beginning her college days in her purple high tops and a pin of a snake with a nuclear missile in its mouth. I think you could say we were angry about a few things and we listened to rock music.

so here is the video: The Cure: A NIGHT LIKE THIS .... not one of the several The Cure songs featured in the movie, but was on an album I owned/own.

where were you in 1986?

By the way... I am still angry at times, I just like jazz these days. However, I see myself digging into my musical past as I spend time in my studio this weekend...

The shower curtain mandala was soldered last night, now I just need some sunlight and my camera.


  1. Love the 80's - please feel free to come out my collection of cassettes!

  2. In 1986, I celebrated my 45th birthday, my 22nd wedding anniversary, and my 12th year in Christ. I was either working third shift as a clerk at the railroad and coming home to drive a van for the newly established church school, or working evening shift after teachin the upper learning center all day in that same scenario. It was Reagan years and, in trying to earn a living with what overtime I could catch while so scheduled, I watched the labor union in this country killed by the President and would only learn as time passed just all the laws he was able to change that affect my wellfare, yet, in a lot of ways. I didn't vote for a long period in there somewhere, convinced our politics was so corrupt that it didn't matter who occupied the White House, coming back to vote for Bush the first time around and living to regret it somewhat along the way...

  3. thought of some revisions, but they will come through comments, if at all since a night owl and an early bird arrived already...

    1986 was also the year I met Mosaic Woman.

    msklem... on strudel day to get to the box of memories (to find 1980 world series stuff) I had to pull a large box of cassettes out of my studio closet. flashback city.

    Jim-- Reagan had me riled up to say the least. His policies that you mentioned plus others (including environmental) turned me into a Democrat (but one who at least does some research to see if it is the right choice (in my opinion) for each position. I recently read a long list of environmental policies Bush is trying to change in his last days; and it took me back to 1986 just as the movie did.

  4. I had twin two-year-olds. I was a lawyer. I thought that maybe life would finally stay really, really good.

    And actually, it did, for another 15 years. Not a bad run, I suppose.

  5. Gannet Girl--- talking to a friend at work the other day about her attempt to get students to write about their life. she felt her questions were not of a serious kind. In my mind I thought, any question can take someone to place which the questioner can not predict. I guess I could have done some math, but for now lets say this...

    my body groaned when it read your comment...

    peace, hope, joy, and love

  6. I was a bright young overachiever in corporate America just a few years out of college. I had just moved to a new job that would last in one form or another for over a decade.

    I listened to The Cure a lot. My son just "discovered" them and as usual was a bit peevish about the fact that I had both vinyl and CDs in my collection.

    I'm still angry about stuff - maybe that's why I haven't made it to jazz yet. My most recent rant is about the fact that four states either repealed or explicitly denied rights for the LGBT community. There is a lot to be done.

  7. Kathryn-- you would probably love the music in the movie.

    There will always be lots to do, I will try to achieve three things today.

  8. I'll have to add the movie to my list. Thanks!


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