Thursday, August 12, 2010

choosing colors, trends now, trends then... Crafting on Thursday

a six pointed star flower in greens and violets is all about being inspired by seeing the combo at recent quilt shows a great place to go to see what is happening, though I guess I could sit and watch folk by too.

Bella Vicenza by Janet Egan

Friendship by Marly Domingues, Gislene Campos, and Estela Tanaka of Brazil

But my wordless Wednesday post of five of Mosaic Woman's pendants featured one that came from learning some history.

Green, White, Violet... Give Women the Vote... colors of the suffrage movement... a quick Google search found claims the colors stood for these three words and claims that it is a myth, but no matter, those three colors were the colors used to represent the movement in England and were used in jewelry at the time for that reason. And so this pendant came to be in 2010...

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  1. I love that 6-pointed star... and I didn't realize that the women's suffrage movement had theme colors. (I'm always glad to learn new things, so thank you for that. :)

    As you know, I help run a large art show in the summertime at work, and it always fascinates me where some of the artists get their color inspiration from. For some, it's location and they can point to a piece in their booth and say exactly which city/state/area the colors remind them of. For others, it's a whim, or something unconscious. A very few actually follow color forecasts and design trends for the upcoming year, and try to incorporate at least a few of those new palettes into their work for the year.

    And for other artists... quilt shows... I love it. :)

  2. My favorite are warm colors; red, orange and yellow. I love when the sunlight hits those warm colors.

  3. Blackswamp Girl... I dig whims.

    Raymond... as do I, as do I


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