Sunday, March 13, 2011

7 for the weekend--- Lenten Benefits

Can't say that I consistently find a goal to help me get closer to God during Lent. In years past I have given up news, red meat, potato chips...

This year I have decided to get off the computer by 8:30 every evening, and except when I am writing a blog post I plan to monitor my time on said piece of technology.


1. More sleep. If I begin to unwind towards sleeping earlier maybe my brain will have time to develop answers to what it has not figured out during waking hours. Science is proving much about the value of sleep. Giving ourselves rest follows that suggestion to love ourselves so we know how to love others.

2. More reading. I rarely read these days, except for the last moments of my day, so if I unwind toward my bed sooner, the more I will read.

3. More time in the studio. I have been blessed with some stained glass commissions and we have another house number commission to start. There are so many designs I want to revisit and new ones I want to imagine. Yesterday I sold the above piece to a friend, who I had not seen in 30 years. It is a piece that surprised me by how much I loved it, so it is even cooler that a friend bought it. I want to do a series of black and "fill in a color" 3-pointed starflowers. But need to give myself time to bring them out of my head to windows.

4. More time to pray. Praying is again part of that unwinding to bed routine and if I start it earlier, I would hope that I will spend more evenings examining my day with God.

5. Mosaic Woman. Mosaic Woman to wants to unwind, so if she knows she can have the computer at 8:30 to do a final task or two, she can be done before 9:00.

6. Banging louder on the drum: I have a large drum sitting next to my prayer space and I have been picking it up while praying. But if I pray late at night, one has to be careful not to annoy neighbors (we live in a row home and share a wall).

7. The unknown: though I have other ideas of how this will benefit my life, I am also looking forward to welcoming the unexpected.

any Lenten changes emerging in your life?



  1. Sounds like a good plan sir, and for all the right reasons.

  2. I'm really intrigued by the drum/prayer combo. Are you comfortable saying me about that?

  3. I just got back from one of your favorite places. I started the Lenten season on retreat. I have work to do, but it might take some time to discern exactly what. I definitely have to do a 7 day thing!

  4. Valerie--- Thanks, I hope it proves to be as good as it feels already.

    Di--- yes, maybe next Sunday

    Janis---- I have my week scheduled for this summer. Discernment is like walking to the light while we are still alive

  5. I like your plan and believe I could implement it as well. More quality time and sleep would do each of us well.

  6. Hol--- Thanks so much for the visit. Happy Thursday!


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