Sunday, March 20, 2011


today I ventured into my garden, well at least the front yard. I spent an hour cleaning it up and seeing what is happening and this is some of what I found:

I love flower buds and while I tried to get the one and only Scabiosa (pin cushions), no fine photos emerged. But I am OK with this Hyacinth:

Mosaic Woman digs the Hydrangea and in the midst of all the dead wood:

The rock garden has started growing over the stump of the ornamental Cherry tree that died soon after we bought the house:

Early blooms:

a) Siberian Irises, which are new this year and are fast becoming a favorite of Mosaic Woman:

b) also new this year to both my home and work gardens, Snow Drops. Here is what they look like if you look up at one:

c) and the golden crocuses are done for the year. How sad is that, but they are still giving some brightness to these March days:

Spring emerges slowly, like what will one day be a plant filled with coneflowers:

The Hens and Chicks seem to be ready to photosynthesize in full force:

My favorite tools include this stirrup hoe which make weeding a bit easier:

Given to me at Christmas by my assistant at work, now it seems to be the day to celebrate the sun in the garden:


  1. I love the Siberian irises. No photos today but I still may have to blog about the state of my garden, too.

  2. Gorgeous pics and fun to see them. I thought about going outside but too much work to do and it was in the 30s.

    May I also recommend Siberian Squill a gorgeous purple in a form similar to a snow drop and Chinoxidia (sp?) which is Glory of the snow - light blue. Both are super early and beautiful.

    My garden has snowdrops and crocuses.

  3. A gorgeous meditation!! The photos are amazing, and the time to think about them was a gift...thanks!

  4. Our crocus just popped up, soon after I planted them whole on my blog header. It's good to see so much color your way.

    Looking UP at a snowdrop! Wow. I'd like to see that photographer. :-)

  5. Beautiful spring flowers! We are a ways off from that. As a matter of fact, it's snowing here today. But it won't amount to much. Love those sedums especially. I think they are my favorite plants.

  6. Lovely photos! We have had a little warm weather, but are still waiting for our crocus and other bulbs to show... Lake Erie always extends our fall, but shortens our spring accordingly here by the lakeshore. So it was nice to get a peak of your spring. Thanks. :)

  7. Happy Spring! The photos look great and I can tell it's going to be a good year for your garden.

  8. You've made me drool! My daffodils are just beginning to produce buds, and the hyacinths are just barely beginning to peak through the rocks. But I guess that means you'll have my flower photos to look at when yours have finished their show.

    I love the snowdrop! I may have to find some of them!

    Ha ha. My word verification is "scented." Yes, I can smell your flowers!!!

  9. I've yet got to go out and collect all the dead lumber that the storms have shaken off the trees. Great pictures, Wayne....

  10. zorra--- looking forward to hearing about and/or seeing your garden

    Kathryn--- thanks for the suggestions, so nice to be greeted so early in spring by flowers

    Michelle--- glad you enjoyed the visit

    Ruth--- I will let you imagine me lying flat on my back, but that surely was not the case

    Barbara--- snowed a bit here this morning. Sedums are cool indeed.

    Blackswamp Girl--- I hope your remember to appreciate the lake in the fall

    Valerie--- I am hoping I don't neglect what can produce so much beauty and have a wonderful garden.

    Snowcatcher--- scented indeed. Got to work to see Hyacinths in bloom there on Monday.

    Jim--- I got a bit of lumber to deal with myself from my neighbors tree. Doubt if it would be very kind of me to throw them into their yard. Good luck with that clean up.


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