Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Film Noir II at the Ambler Theater

Our favorite theater, The Ambler Theater, has once again teamed up with our friend, Joanne Leva, to have an evening of poetry-noir. We will be over there and as you can see above, I have joined Mosaic Woman in being inspired by black and white and grays. The link will give you the details on the film, The Narrow Margin, which will start tomorrow night (3/30/11) at 7:30. We will be setting up before the movie and will hang around after the show to talk to the movie goers about our craft.

I only used three sheets of glass to create my four film noir starflowers. Three were old designs that spoke well to the idea and the fourth may look like one of my jazz improv pieces, but I designed it and cut out the pieces with this in mind. OK, the design was inspired by the improv pieces:

The Black glass is quite good at blocking all visible light, but the white glass was no match for this sunlight:

Mosaic Woman has been busy creating all kinds of mosaics for the event including a mirror that she just finished and is taking photographs of as I sit here completing this post.................... ...

see you in Ambler.


  1. I like the theme, and that flower with the missing petal is my favorite. Something about it is so endearing! That's a great mosaic, too. Hope you had a great time at the Ambler!

    Oh, and you won a prize...

  2. Snowcatcher--- We had a great time in Ambler. We get to see the movie for free and sell our craft. How cool is that!


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