Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Jazz On Tuesdays--- some sassy women jazz for Di

jazz in Harrisburg, PA--- Helen Sung

Well, for Di and her dude. So if they came over for dinner (I guess that is an invitation) I would feel a need to play these artists. side note: today I scrapped my lesson plans to promote some amazing women at The Secret Lives of Scientists)

So where would the house concert begin, why not with pianists doing solos and duets with the queen of Piano Jazz and duets, Marian McPartland.

in no particular order except as they are stacked next to the computer:

OK, then we would slowly create a bigger and bigger band by having musicians play in ever larger combos finally leading to a nonet (I just like that word)

Marian on piano.
Esperanza Spalding on bass
Cindi Blackman on drums
Sara Caswell on Violin
Ingrid Jensen on trumpet
Virginia Mayhew on sax
Sharel Cassity on sax
Holly Hoffman on flute
Anat Cohen on clarinet

as to why our jazz collection features so many women (this is just a sampling):

1. They are amazing and talented

2. When I met Mosaic Woman she introduced me to many a woman artist I had not heard of and holidays like International Women's Day. Ever since our music collection has always been a blend of male and female musicians.

and a note to Di--- and yes, I will play some Springsteen in our studio, while giving you the grand tour.

and a woman not noted above, but what would an evening of sassy music be like without some Hammond B-3 Organ to end it off with some grooves:


  1. Well, now I feel like we need to set a date! =)

    In the meantime-- can I take you and Margaret to dinner on 4/16, if you're free? I'll be in Lansdale (though I'm sorry to say I'll be Daveless again).

  2. Thanks for the introduction to some musicians I had not sampled. While I'm pedaling with marching/rock emitting from my iPhone and mini speakers, many a passing cyclist ask "Where's the Jazz?!?" Now I can deepen my repertoire!

  3. Di--- we are looking forward to the 16th.

    Snowcatcher--- glad I can make cyclists happy


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