Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Jazz on Tuesdays--- Patricia Barber

Patricia Barber Mythologies

Just want to say I really love Patricia barber, so I really dig the library that had her CD which introduced me to her music. She plays mostly in Chicago and Europe.

So I am thinking I need a really huge commission so I can go see her in Porto, Portugal. after all I am the man who tends to show up for silent retreats with a bottle of port in his bags and an iPod with many of her tunes.

Anyway, take a listen and have a great night of dreaming amazing trips:


  1. Nice! You could still have a good time in Chicago too though :)

  2. I've really been into her lately!

    Good luck on getting to Portugal!

  3. Velerie--- trying to ignore the Chicago thing as much as possible, since we lived in Illinois 2 years.

    Ruth--- so glad that you too have discovered her music.

  4. Man, can that girl play. She knows just the right notes and where to place them. Witchcraft makes me wish I could dance like Gene Kelly.

    Thanks for that, Wayne.


  5. Daisy---yes she can! and she does it all from old standards to modern tunes, to originals.


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