Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The World Series (first event on TV I have watched since the Olympics) has me deprived of sleep, prayer time, journalling, blogging, school preparation...

My dad created a sports fan, however years ago I decided I didn't want the majority of my life to be spent watching sports, but I do from time to time. I can appreciate talent and be in awe of an amazing catch as much as a jazz pianist doing a solo.

I can't remember my first trip to see the Phillies with my dad, but in 1980 as my senior year in HS began, we drove down to see the Phillies win the World Series. There is very little in life as amazing as being among 70,000 fans celebrating a championship or driving through the city afterward.

At church on Sunday our Rector said this during the break in time for blessings... "and FOR BASEBALL GAMES." I liked that. Not for our team to win, but for the game itself.

We did not stand around after the service talking about Christ and our spiritual journeys, but more so about our team and our hope for victory. The lasting joy of course is that we will be back this Sunday no matter what happens in the stadium. What draws us is not only our friendship and shared interests, but the 2000 plus years of celebrating a man's return.

Today at work I ventured through the wind and rain to see a friend who was at the stadium last night when a northeaster roared up the coast and hit southeast PA. Tonight 50mph gusts of wind and temps in the 30's is a lingering but strong reminder of how mighty those storms are. She was ready to go back to Philly tonight, but really desired a break from the cold. She, knowing me as a man of God, asked for a prayer to cancel the game till Wednesday. I told her God and I were close and it would be taken care of. 30 minutes later she called to say the game had been delayed. So I guess my one prayer request that will be granted so quickly is a done deal, used up for a friend who needed a warm night at home. ;')

time for sleep.


  1. I fall asleep watching the games! But, I was in downtown Lexington in 1996 watching the final game of the NCAA and when UK won, it was as if a bomb had gone off in the city. Everyone was in the streets laughing and dancing and kissing and hugging. Cars were driving around with the drivers laying on the horns. So I can really relate to being in Philly when they won the WS.

  2. Ah yes, that most American of games..... I have fond memories of watching "The Big Red Machine" by virtue of free tickets for getting A's in high school.... Heady times those... Pete Rose, Johnny Bench, Tony Perez, Joe Morgan, Jose Concepcion.... my Dad driving me and a friend (sometimes a date!) down to watch the game from nosebleed seats....he probably (definately)enjoying the games more than I at my age..... Up until recently, not so excited by the game...until my oldest daughter started pitching (at only 10!) for the intermural team she was on.... Flames are re-ignited and having fun with the whole family watching our home town team clinch the title!!!!!

  3. alphawoman--- welcome back. I remember there being lots of cars moving down city streets with folk sitting on top of them.

    giggles--- so much time was spent with baseball cards, sports magazines, and TV... that I could name many a starting line up from the 70's. also helps that that was pre-free agency

  4. ok then...fill in the blanks? Those are the only names I can remember.... Besides Lee May, who didn't last long.... I don't think he was an official big red machine guy, either, but he lived in my apartment complex for about a month until too many autograph seekers scared him away.... me being one of them...then promptly had the autographed baseball glove stolen from me at school....hard lesson learned....

  5. Geronimo came to mind, then I cheated. How did I remember him and forget George Foster and Griffey Sr.???


  6. Haven't watched a basebaqll game since the players went on strike back in the early 70s. Then, again, I don't think Cincinnati's had a good team since the Big Red Machine dissolved. Good luck with your bunch...

  7. Jim--- a rather short one (I hope no extra innings going past my bed time) is about to start. It's been exhausting but fun to let myself enjoy the games. It's OK if I do this for a week.

    To the fridge for a beverage, then to the game.

    The Big Red Machine was an amazing team. a few of them came to the Phillies to end their career.

  8. Congrats on your Phillies winning the World Series!

  9. Kathryn-- thanks. It was great to watch it happen, but I got to admit that part of me is glad that it is over so I can resume my old schedule, however, there are some big blips on that horizon...

  10. I completely understand. I'm a Red Sox fan but casually. I don't know how my family in New England - rabid fans who don't miss a minute - can handle both that much baseball and being up so late.

    Still - it's very cool that the Phillies won after such a long drought and when nobody expected it.

  11. Kathryn J-- I am a man of hope, but live within the reality that teams don't always win. It really was a race to a finish the other night and I was so relieved when Ryan Howard came racing over from first base to, as the pitcher said... "It never felt so good to get hit by a big guy."

    quote of the night in my book.


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