Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Silence with music

Giggles asked...Does silence count if you are listening to your ipod??

Yes it does.

When I am at the Jesuit Center I take music to listen to. It stays in my room except when I go to the exercise room. The Jesuits provide a music room that has a piano, a stereo and music to play on the stereo. There have been times I have sat in the hallway listening to another silent person play piano. So, I see no problem with listening to music in my room.

On my first 8 day retreat I was told some good advice---- when praying, try to last for an hour during each of the three daily prayer times. When not praying, don't pray. give it a break. This is not always possible, but it is more so if one has distractions.

I was also advised against bringing novels and books on spirituality (though they sell these in the book store). I was advised to read a biography if anything. I do little reading, other than my Bible.

so what do I do when not praying, eating, talking with my director, sleeping, or attending the daily mass...

exercise, walk, art work---- lots and lots of art work, math puzzles, shoot pool (and I have had games against other silent folk), play basketball, swim, be massaged, slam a tennis ball against a handball wall, and ...

listen to music especially when doing art work.

now. if I could find a way to be silent when calling Mosaic Woman each evening to say goodnight. and no, a text message just would not meet her needs.


  1. Well, huuuuummmmm...food for thought..... I always thought silence covered just about everything..... I imagine it to be like my yoga exercizes, only long periods of them....I imagined lots of deep thought and introspection, as well as a fair amount of boredom! SO, there ya have it! Thanks for sharing.....

  2. Giggles-- I am sure there are those who go and do it amazingly different than I. Jesuits as far as I know are not into quiet meditation as much as using scripture and other spiritual exercises to get closer to God... the prayers tend to promote thoughts more than silencing them. what we silence is the distraction of conversation, rushing from place to place, news, politics. I love the dining hall. eat with the same group of folk for 20 plus meals in silence. strange. beautiful.


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