Thursday, October 9, 2008

tis the season

A student told me the other day that fall was his favored season, I told him that if Spring did not exist I would agree with him.

But fall is good.

Mosaic Woman and I stand away from the crowds, who are walking on the paved paths at Peace Valley Park. We are watching colored leaves fall into the river and flow through mini rapids casting shadows on the stream bed.

A box filled with several varieties of garlic shows up and thus becomes the hope for next year's crop.

Concert series begin at local universities and if it was not for Hank Jones canceling his US tour to make bigger bucks in Japan, I would be seeing him this weekend. Yes, I am annoyed.

Planting discounted perennials in my yard.

Walking With God, a yearly retreat held by some local UCC spiritual folk happens (I need to pack).

As our garden brings us less fresh produce, we turn to Willow Creek Farm. Mosaic Woman is trying to eat new and different food these days so when we went the farm store last weekend, I stared at the celeriac and said, "I never ate that." She of course notices the recipe cards and I turn 180 degrees and pick up these three pears. Pear and celeriac soup. Yes, it is also the season to start making soup again. Those floating chives did come from my back yard, unlike the sour cream.

and at work I struggle to keep the momentum moving forward... the student I blogged about last week will be gone from the school in less than a week. It is sad, but hopefully things will go better at the new school.


  1. I, too, am a fan of Fall. Don't know why other than, realizing winter is a-coming, I tend to enjoy all the more this kind of weather while we have it. Spring seems to sneak up on us. Fall seems to hold up its fist and fight to the end......

  2. Jim---- and I am so glad for Fall's fight to keep winter off. with the garden I have become more and more aware of spring's opposite battle at the end of winter. It reemerges gradually. Hmmmmm-- can you tell that winter may be on the bottom of my list?

  3. Autumn is my favorite, too.... Bright blue crisp air, bird migration to warmer weather...and the miracle of knowing that spring will again return and renew .....

  4. Autumn used to be my favorite and it is terrific but the hope and newness of spring combined with the lengthening, rather than shortening days, flipped my #1 and #2 seasons.

    The soup looks yummy!

  5. Giggles-- hang in there

    Kathryn--- well put, in my opinion


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