Tuesday, October 21, 2008

indecision... "should I cool it or should I blow..."

here are two songs that have been in my head for the last several days...

one floated in as I was walking through Lansdale and comes from back in the day...
the Clash

one popped up randomly on my Ipod last week
Nnenna Freelon

the paper in my pocket has instructions to get to Gilead or the phone number to cancel.

the candy wrapper in my pocket from a few hours ago says, "Be Good to Yourself."

God's creation keeps unfolding, and it is very cool when dark chocolate and words of wisdom are found inside.


  1. I hope you got to Gilead and had chocolate both.

  2. GG-- went to Gilead and think I will go back. told her I wanted to pray about it and check our budgets. very long days it will be and tonight was just setting up for the work that needs to be done.

    chocolate was before hand. then stopped at a diner on the way home and had a piece of raisin pie. how cool was that! then went to the gym. then drew a design for the biggest mandala I will have ever made once it is completed.

  3. Should I... one of my faves....on my i-pod also..... I absolutely luv dancing crazy with this blasting in my ears......

  4. Giggles-- who would have thought????

    after deciding to go, the song has gone away.

  5. Here's another one that surprised a then colleague of mine.... I listen to it as I write.... "Ring of Fire" Wall fo Voodoo...the colleague pointed out that it is a Johnny Cash song.... (equally as good!)


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