Wednesday, October 22, 2008

becoming a stained glass artist

My new blog friend, Kathryn J, over at Colloquies with Kathryn, spoke about how this internet stuff can lead to problems.   I agree, so I made a new rule... 30 minutes in my studio before I can write anything on my blog.

So I just spent 30 minutes with paper, pencil and erasure working on something big, well it will be big for this stained glass artist.

This is my favored stage and until the final stage of the process--- it is all downhill in my book.

I have doodled since the beginning of time and now my brain is adapting to the constraints of glass. In my current design something new is happening. It is being created as I play with lines on paper.

what are those other steps as they descend in pleasure after creating the design...

choosing the colors/glass
cutting and grinding the glass
foiling the glass
soldering... now we have hit rock bottom
cleaning the finished project and holding it up to the light.

so this post was to be about how I became a teacher. That is the idea that floated up and apparently floated away, but if I continue to read Kathryn's journey to become a teacher (not my route at all, well maybe we have something in common????). I will be reminded of the blog post that could become, like one of my unfolding mandala designs inside a ten inch diameter circle...

looking at this I want an erasure. It is not quite done yet... what would you erase?


  1. Interesting design--reminds me of a fractal shape, for some reason.

  2. Kievas... thanks. I just took it to Staples to make three copies and I did take the erasure to it.

    AND... I don't see you name on the PA ballot ;')

  3. I like the new rule. It has been a while since you posted a stained glass picture. :::hint, hint:::

    I agree with Kieval that it looks like a fractal with a bit of chaos theory thrown in. Sorry, I'm more of a scientist than an artist but I appreciate the work of others and the places it can take me.

    More on what we have in common in my comment on your next post. I'm a bit behind on my reading due to similar rule making. Sadly, my rule doesn't involve studio time; it involves reading and writing papers.

    As for my blog, it constrains me a bit just now, I wouldn't blame you if you stopped reading. Parts of it are homework and there are incomprehensible, unwritten rules about what should be, or is allowed to be, included. Another of those hoops in my path to teaching.

  4. Kathryn--

    the new rule is working well-- between last night and now I have cut 23 of the 48 pieces that will make up this piece.

    the hint--- the last two pieces have been classified as private, they are in other hands now. I am photographing the process of the current project.

    constraints--- have their places

  5. I knew that they were private. It really wasn't a complaining kind of hint. I hope to see one of them in person someday when I visit our mutual friend.

  6. Kathryn--- I know of the mutual nature of our friendships and went and looked at the three photos I took of that piece thinking I would e-mail you a view, however, they were less than impressive. I hope you get to see it one day.

    as for the other-- handing it to my friend at work was quite a moment for this stoic guy.

    time for the studio.


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