Saturday, October 4, 2008


I've noticed that if I can admit to something, I will then repent. First off I have not been impressed with the garden this year. Wasn't it SUPPOSED to be better. What's wrong with it anyway?

It got some attention during my break from teaching in August, but since then it has been neglected. Oh sure, I am willing to go out and gather for dinner, but otherwise I should be arrested.

Last Saturday I went out in a light rain to gather leeks, a pepper, an onion, and some herbs. I opened my eyes and I was far from happy.

The garden stared back and clearly was even less happy with me. Yes, not only plants but gardens speak and have emotions. Just believe it and you will hear from them. I often speak of happy and sad plants at the school.

This week at school I was introducing a unit on slime molds in Biology class by talking about entropy. I spoke of what a lack of energy flow had done to my garden. My students berated me.... WHAT KIND OF HORTICULTURE TEACHER ARE YOU!

Sadly one who is disappointed by a garden that he just may have not given enough attention this year.

I am spending the rest of this afternoon being kind to the garden.

by the way... slime molds are way cool!


  1. Ah, and it all comes with first seeing, doesn't it? Today someone said to me: Notice what you're noticing.

  2. Hmmm, sometimes it is unpleasant when we open our eyes to God's unfolding creation. You would think God had the same weed free vision of a garden that I had... ;')

  3. Funny, I blogged about gardening yesterday too. The fact that your garden has vegetables means that mine is far sorrier sight (site?). The only things for harvesting are thyme, chives, and tarragon - obviously, I didn't have to do anything this year for those. Among the weeds, I found some arugula that had seeded down last year. Pathetic.

  4. Kathryn--- just in from the garden. all in all I spent a bit over 4 hours in it. I got green beans, red onions, yellow onions, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, and leeks from mine. all that work was done in the spring time and then I took the fruits and bulbs and such. This weekend-- I did some clearing out, some weeding, moved three perennials (including moving some bee balm so my wife has a better view of her favored hydrangeas from her studio window), planted 12 or so new ones, and appreciated what went well. The bright violet globe amaranths are almost as hip as slime molds

  5. Wow! Look at all the fruits of your labors!! Weeds shmeeds!!! You were just fully engaged in other things for a time.... Now was the time to be fully engaged in horticulture! Good for you!

  6. Giggles-- I think what bugs me about this is that the neglect may have come out of disappointment, which led to more disappointment.. more neglect... clearly a strategy that did not work.

    to connect it to the sermon today... using the gifts that we have... I didn't use my talents even close to their fullest this year, not that I didn't use them but I know in my heart the garden could have been so much more.

    and Yes, I am one to spread my talents thin at times.


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