Tuesday, October 14, 2008

unfolding through the iPod

Sunday morning at the retreat center, I was still craving silence. So after a breakfast conversation, I move to an empty table, take out my iPod and fill out the evaluation form.

I think some of the classic jazz standards speak volumes. This one showed me yet again that God's unfolding kingdom can come at us after being digitalized and shuffled.

Etta James steps backs from the blues to sing about a longing and love that is as deep as the ocean
How far would you travel? How far is this journey? and if this love was lost, how many tears would flow?

Thanks to Irving Berlin for wondering about love.


  1. Does silence count if you are listening to your ipod??

  2. I just recently purchased an old album restored of Brenda Lee singing some of these oldies; and "How Deep is the Ocean" just happens to be one of the songs it contains. She's not one that you seem to follow, but is a part of my teen-age years and, when she did these few that date back to my father's era, I was hooked. I'm also waiting on another CD set by Tennessee Ernie Ford that will take me back to another LP i gave away many years ago, this one containing the song "Dark as a Dungeon".

    Don't know why your RSS isn't working. Then, again, I don't even know what an RSS is; but I have noticed that blogspot now lets us link to each other via something called "followers". Again, I've not taken the time (I don't HAVE the time) to sit down and figure that one out either....

  3. Giggles-- that calls for a post

    Jim--- Both names ring bells in my head though I own nothing by them.


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