Thursday, October 30, 2008

Life after the series

364 days ago I blogged about how cool it is to live on my street. Tomorrow night it will be filled with tricksters in search of treats. Hundreds. Maybe billions and billions.

On the way home I am going to stop at willow creek orchards for apples, potatoes, and cabbage... Saturday is strudelfest. I will be stretching dough for hours. No better way to show my dad love. New for this year... potato leek.

The shower curtain mandala is all cut out and I started foiling before coming down to blog. The new rule was not forgotten... studio comes first.

One of the strange things about my school is that we go from the first day to Thanksgiving without a day off. About now whines are beginning to emerge, a tradition. And while it is true we all need a mental health day, students and staff, I always think of how little time most Americans have off from their jobs. Does not make our need any less, it just makes me sad for all tired folk who could use a break to renew themselves. And I am so glad for all the students who are skipping school tomorrow. May they enjoy the celebration parade for the Phillies.

Right now at this moment, I am going to sit with the hope of renewal, the pain of the past, the joy of healing.

Sometimes reality unfolds and you just have to flow with it.


  1. Congratulations on the win! I can't imagine school with no breaks between the first day and Thanksgiving, however. We're off this coming Monday and Tuesday, had fall break in October, and another four day weekend a time or two somewhere preceding all that. It's at least part of the reason I hold on to this job instead of greeting at Walmart........

  2. Jim-- Thanks. Glad you have your time off. I am going to give the science students who don't go to the parade some free time. The horticulture students tend to see my class as time off from "school" and it has warmed up here so I will take them outside.

    Giggles-- possibly ;')

  3. so, we've just returned from the house of klem, pulling candy duty on the front porch. one observation: more teenagers are actually dressing up in real costumes for tonight! it was fun and goofy and my husband and of course mr mark had LOTS to say about everyone!

    phillies parade was an experience, according to the youngest. not one that she's anxious to have a second time but still important to be able to say "i was there." and it IS our phillies, after all so missing school today was OK by us.

    anyway! now that the world is right according to the phillies and all the candy has been handed out, it's time to wait for the "mom, can you pick me up?" phone call from the youngest who's filming the football game and then -- and only then -- the night will come to a close.

    and the best part? with miss mariel home for the weekend, all the heartbeats are back in the house. it feels settled and right.

  4. CS--- It started slow tonight but from 6:15 till 8:30 there was a steady strem, then I closed up shop and took advantage of Mr Mark's invitation to stop over which he gave as I handed his cherubs candy). I agree about the teenagers. Ms M joined me for most of the evening. There were hundreds and hundreds. Glad I can enjoy this night. Tis a cool thing to be able to participate in the festivities.

    enjoy the family time this weekend.

  5. I'm off at a conference this weekend, so no T&T little ones here.

    Enjoy the struddling...I will imagine that thin, thin, dough!

    Stretched for greater glory??

  6. Michelle--- you sure are busy for one on sabbatical. But that is how life is, I guess. Life must be a fluid, itfills the shape of its container.

    studdling, cool word. I remember that you are a strudeler too.

    your final thought may be more powerful than the cup of coffee I desire. I will steal it surely.


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