Saturday, July 4, 2009

being supportive and not being a hypocrite in Lansdale, PA

A friend of mine was on my porch last night and for the second time in a short span of time has declared he was doing something to not be a hypocrite. I began wondering about this being a driving force in one's life.

The word comes from hypokrinesthai "play a part, pretend" When our actions don't meet up with the role we play in public, we become a hypocrite. In our imperfections we will never be free of this state of being.
There are those who will only complain about their circumstances and when a chance to be supportive of efforts being made to change things, will only find fault in what is being done. Or they will say they love jazz and fresh veggies, but not show up when it is happening in their backyard. My friend would have felt that stack of emotions that come when we do not live up to how we want to play our self-defined role in society.

I was filled with joy and hope when I was at each event and looked around and saw good showings of support.
So yes, last week my friend sat next to me as we listened to jazz in Lansdale's brand new center for the performing arts and this morning we both again walked down to support a positive change in our hometown. On this day which we celebrate national independence, some good folk have worked long hours making a farmers market take place in Lansdale. A place where we can break away from Pennsylvania's dependence on produce trucked in from California. And it was no shock to see my friend's spouse working the Be The Change booth having us send notes to soldiers in Iraq. And how cool was it to have to stand in lines to buy what the farmers brought. I hope Lansdale gave them a welcome that will bring them back. I carried home... wax beans, tomatoes, ears of corn, garlic, red potatoes, summer squash in yellow and green. let us celebrate...


  1. I'm not so sure that we all don't often think the other fellow as being a hypocrite when he falls short of the image that we have already pre-judged him to be. To me, though, the term long ago came to represent that one who refuses to recognize his own sins, his own shortcomings, in other wordes, not being honest with himself as well as with others......

  2. Jim-- that is another part of it, another part I would imagine we all struggle with... being honest with ourselves.

  3. That's great that you have a farmer's market and more live music in your life. The pics of the farm market are wonderful!

  4. Kathryn--- it is easy enough to rant about what is wrong with one's hometown, but I don't see my blog as being a place to rant.

  5. i've tried to respond numerous times but i can't seem to put together the right words. but it's touched me in way that makes it important to me to at least recognize that response.

    so: thank you, my friend. you have identified a part of the love of my life that is so very precious to me.

    thank you.

  6. Red... Your welcome. Also... It was a hoot watching the man pawing through our jazz CD's.


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