Saturday, July 18, 2009

designs in my head

Whatever is going on inside my head that allows it to happen, I am feeling blessed these days. I have spoken recently of how designs pop into my brain. The thing that needs to be said is that my brain is often cloudy so it is more of an idea of a design. What ends up on paper is in no way exactly like what I see in my imagination.
What I like especially is when I am thinking of a friend and a design comes to mind; as happened with what is now being officially named, "Kathryn's Totally Organic Design." It also happened with Gannet Girl, but unlike Kathryn's design which is currently being made in 7 shades of amber glass, that design was retired.
Recently I wrote about a friend, who commissioned me for a piece that led to a design that spells out HOPE and has in this case, a pink ribbon (photos of it completed will be here after I deliver it, hopefully on Monday).
So what this is all about is that I am feeling a wave of gratitude right now. I hope my brain has many more waiting to emerge.


  1. You work with with glass much the same way I blog. My efforts just don't look as good hanging in the kitchen window.....

  2. Jim--- yes, I see you as one who does not want to be cut by his words. ;')

    been thinking about you. peace.

  3. Your designs are beautiful! What amazes me is how you shape the glass to your vision. So many different shapes and all of them need to be coaxed out of the glass.

  4. I have had to relearn design since I started working with glass. Coaxed is a cool verb.


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