Saturday, July 11, 2009

Poet Woman returns

When I met Mosaic Woman she was not one who made mosaics out of glass, but instead was a woman who wrote poetry. We moved 3000 miles or so to Oregon so that she could earn an MFA in creative writing. She continued writing for several years there after, but it was not something she nearly enjoyed as much as her time in the studio these days. She had to force herself to sit and write. Now she has to force herself to take breaks so that she does not end up with a repetitive stress injury from cutting glass.

But those poems were recognized by many who judge such things. Many were published in literary journals, she won contests, and even got herself a National Endowment for the Arts Grant at one point.

Winning the Montgomery County Poet Laureate award in 2000 led to her making a great friend. And those two events has led to her doing her first poetry reading in years tonight. Here are her thoughts on that and info on the event. I won't be there as it is going to be a night out with her good friend, but any local folk are surely invited to go check it out. Yes, we are letting you know kind of late.


  1. Oh poop! I'm staying overnight in Bethlehem tonight........ courtesy of this blog author's nephew.... He's quite delightful... Thanks for the heads up!!!!

    Please let us know when she'll be reading again, won't you?

  2. could be eons or days before she reads again... personally I would guess eons. glad my nephew was delightful.

  3. Boy, do I like the line "as if the blower's breath gave the heat rather than the fire"! It seems almost "spiritual" and I'm sure it will come out (with credit due where credit is due" in one of my talks at the mission or YDC.....

  4. Jim--- she would be far from offended by you finding the spiritual in her words. I may just have to post a poem of hers at some point in time.


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