Thursday, July 30, 2009

bouncing back and fasting

My body was sliding away from feeling well, but today it bounced back nicely after a slow foggy start. Gave me a boost of confidence I can get the upper hand on the Lyme disease.
I have avoided "prolonged" periods in the sun, but fasting is strange.
The no food before and after the meds adds up to 3 hours, times two and that puts me at 6 hours a day I am not to be eating. Having a fast metabolism I have always been one to snack much before and after meals so I am finding it hard to not grab the corn chips in my classroom or the jar of nuts at home. Far from a true hardship, but it is requiring a new thinking.
Another strange thing has been the interactions with the students. I gave them a public information talk, which made some checking their skin before they even went outside, and one young man had a really hard time of it today which came out as anger and defiance in my presence. But now I know why he was upset so we can chat.
I am hoping my energy level stays high and if that is the case, a benefit of this will be two weeks of low energy out put at the school (avoiding the sun), which will leave me energy in the shade of evening to garden at home.


  1. I was served noticed by my doctor last week that my blood pressure is a bit too high. Diagnosis: avoid salt, avoid salt, exercise, lose weight, avoid salt. What I am now discovering is that just about everything we eat has some sodium in it! V8 juice. Healthy. Righy? Nope; It has over 600 mg of salt in one bottle and we only need the equivalent of 500 mg a day. I'm starting to think in terms of a banana in the morning, some raisins at night, and a lot of water in between.....

  2. Jim and Gannet Girl... even as I wrote those words I knew in my head healing like everything else is a roller coaster ride, so with much pleasure I say.. I feel well this morning.

    Jim--- I am pretty low salt myself (those nuts and chips I mentioned are the lowest on the market), not from doctor's orders but from eating less and less. Margaret drinks the low sodium V8 and enjoys it. She has to watch her salt for the same reason as yourself.


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