Wednesday, July 22, 2009

thoughts on hope with pink ribbon--- stained glass

Could I ever hope for a friend to offer me a job that would save my soul?

Could I hope for her survival once, then again?
Could I hope that she would ask me to create the above?
Could I hope that I would see her expression as she held it in her hand?
Could I hope that I would walk with her to her car and then continue down to the garden where my soul and my students were waiting?

... hope.


  1. Hi -
    I saw you over at wits and giggles. I love this post about 'hope' and the stained glass is lovely - exquisite - heartfelt. I have a "hope-tree".
    ANyway, I just came by to say "hello"

    with 'hope for us all'


  2. Gail--- thanks for the visit. hope is a favored thing.

  3. Beauty, Wayne. Isn't it amazing the way life goes and then we realize what we've been given when looking back?


  4. Beautiful, Wayne; beautiful.....In Hebrews we are told that faith springs forth out of hope; and, in Romans, Paul writes that hope is indeed an element by which we are "saved". Your work catches the spirit of promise....

  5. Daisy-- my words below the photo went in a different direction at first, then came back to where they ended

    Jim---- thanks for sharing the connections you made with seeing my work.


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