Tuesday, July 28, 2009

searching for shade

The craft show went by as the rash grew. Friday night it appeared something had bit me, maybe even a mosquito. Saturday morning there was some concern. By Sunday I had diagnosed myself with Lyme disease.
In unexpected turn in my life, I did not hesitate before calling the doctor on Monday, and missed out on a school swim trip to be diagnosed... "I would tell my friends to take antibiotic."
So the plan was... OK, I'll go to the doctor so I can prevent feeling truly awful and not get any of the truly scary complications. Take the pills and move on with my life."

"You will need to avoid the sun except for early morning and evening."
My horticulture classes go from 10:30 till 1:50 or 2:50 this summer. I am one for covering up my skin with either clothing or sun screen and wear one amazing floppy hat, but people seemed to think I should take care of myself."
So, I did. My trips to the garden were brief and only to announce what needed to be done. I felt a bit "off" today but who knows why... Lyme disease, 90 degrees and humid, anitibiotics, recovering from the craft show tiredness. Or maybe it was a bit too much pondering if I was "off" or not. Any which way the students have been given their charge.... check for ticks, inform folk about rashes, and pick up the pace in the garden. By 1:00, the heat had me asking little of them from that end.
the good news is we had a first harvest of Swiss Chard and green beans this week.


  1. You make me realize: I can't remember the last time I even saw a tick! Summertime in northern Ky always meant the little critters were out and there was a need to keep contant watch on one's pet if nothing else. Frogs, toads, honeybees, ticks....Can't just be global warming.
    Keep yourself well, my friend...

  2. Interesting... there are lots of people I know who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease this year.

    In any case, I'm sure that "all of the above" were contributing to you feeling a little off... but I'm glad you're taking care of yourself, Stratoz. And, hey, gardening at night can't be all bad if you're out there finding the first ripe tomato in the dark, right?! :) (And if R.E.M. could make a song about it...)

  3. I hope you feel better soon...the heat and humidity is bad enough without having Lyme disease thrown in!

  4. Jim--- there are billions and billions of ticks in my area. hope you don't see any.

    Blackswamp Girl--- I am hoping that if I do truly avoid gardening at work, I may have the energy to garden at home in the evening... but then there are those west Nile virus mosquitoes. today it was raining when I got home but I did not feel up for gardening any which way.

    Kievas--- thanks, I will try to stay cool.

  5. Wayne, sorry to hear that you've been hit with Lyme disease. Glad that you're taking meds needed to combat it. Yes, the West Nile thing is something to be watch for here as well and the mosquitoes are a-plenty lately in these parts.


  6. Daisy... just took number 11 of 42 meds. that scares me ;') feeling generally well.


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