Thursday, July 9, 2009

a hug to remember

I am not big on hugs. I have a personal space comfort zone of about 1000 feet, but some folks break through from time to time.

The other day I saw the director of admissions giving a tour, well I thought she was giving a tour, but then both women waved. Then they walked down the hill to the veggie garden.

The "stranger" turned out to be the wife of a dear friend who died this past year. The students and I had just spent the period taking on weeds and I was a bit grubby, but she insisted on giving me a hug.

I hope I remember this one.


  1. I got a hug from a colleague with a similarly large preferred personal space, to congratulate me on something major. I hope, I too, remember it...

  2. Michelle--- I pray for your memory if you pray for mine. I think you need to pray a bit harder ;')

  3. Hugs are nice. The one I remember the most took place in my early years within the church. At the end of our service it was always customary for people to kneel at the altar in prayer. Pentecost was yet quite a new experience for me and one evening I knelt beside another fellow, a friend, who was praying for an immersion in the Spirit. It came; and, as such depths subsided, we then stood and this man, a huge bear of a man, in his great joy, suddenly wrapped his arms around my waist, lifted me off the floor, and for a few moments carried me around the front of the church. My thoughts, as I recall, were something like: "What in the world have I gotten myself into?".....

  4. Jim--- I am glad I shared my story, because it is rewarding me in hearing others tell their stories.

  5. "I am not big on hugs. I have a personal space comfort zone of about 1000 feet, but some folks break through from time to time."

    Above is something else we have in common along with both reading Red Heeler Ranch and I taught Special Ed for 20 years before seminary. Some Hugs are worth breaking through the barrier. I hope you remember fondly.

    Regarding your previous post - I've just begun gentle yoga classes. It does quiet my mind, but it takes lots of my attention to get all the poses... right. So not quite meditational yet.

    Nice to cybermeet you.

  6. mid-life rookie--- thanks for coming over my way. good luck with the yoga.


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