Sunday, July 12, 2009

playing the poet game

Mosaic Woman was off with her good friend playing the role of poet last night and I just kept cutting glass. I started the day by searching out the Peter Gabriel song we heard sung at the jazz festival, but ended by playing a CD that has gotten many plays recently, Greg Brown's The Poet Game.
So having finished off the pieces of the background, I was finishing up the day by grinding the pink pieces, leaving hope for another day...
and this song came out of the stereo, I wish I could find a good version of him singing, but on a day when poetry came back into Mosaic Woman's voice, maybe it is best that I leave you with just the words...
Driftless by Greg Brown:

Have I done enough, Father,
Can I rest now?
Have I learned enough, Mother,
Can we talk now?
Will you visit me
In my place of peace?
I'm going driftless.

Let's cry all our tears
Cry them all out now.
Let them flow down
And clean all the rivers.
And the evening sky
Is the reason why
I'm going driftless.

Have I worn enough clothes
To go naked?
Have I told enough lies
To see some truth?
Round hill - round thigh
Round breast - round sky
I'm going driftless

for many years I listened to this song before I found out that this man from Iowa, knew what I didn't... Driftless is an area with deep cut river valleys and many trees, an area so so different from the rest of the state.

and then I knew that not only have I been driftless, but I have been to Driftless.


  1. Your final sentence is profound, dear friend. Many of us can link hands with you in that place.

  2. Beryl--- thanks. I am glad you have been sharing your thoughts at your blog a bit more frequently.


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