Thursday, July 2, 2009

back to the studio

After four spring craft shows had passed, I left the studio and entered the garden. Then I left both to go on vacation.
But arriving home with three projects floating about my mind, it was time to go back...
1. Mosaic Woman and I often spoke of how it would be best to have a sign for our craft show booth. We spoke of banners and did some research. We spoke of making our own. We spoke of collaboration. I said, "I'll cut out the letters... you mosaic..."
I have done my part. She is preparing to do her.
2. Then there is my friends Kathryn and Rick up in Rochester, who spoiled us rotten and hosted us as we had fun listening to jazz. She said that she did not host us for the wine, pie, and mosaic we have already given her... and she said that I do not have to do this project I call number two. But a week before we left I was thinking of Kathryn and an idea floated into my brain. On vacation it went here to there and back to where it went when I sat down to design it. I just soldered it and hope to ship it out soon.
3. A friend at work has commissioned a project. She wants two things, the word HOPE and a pink ribbon. She is a walking breathing example of how the world has changed, twice over she has survived what in the past...
I am more than glad to have an opportunity to do these projects.
Peace, hope, joy, and love seem to be all it takes to get me back into my studio


  1. Love the colour of those letters, Wayne; they look like candy. Can't wait to see what Mosaic Woman does with them....


  2. Hey Daisy.... Margaret has become a huge fan of orange. We bought a sheet of that glass when we were on vacation. I will post a photo of the finished sign in the future.

  3. We were more than happy to spoil you rotten and enable your jazz habit. It was so much fun to meet you in person! I hope you'll visit again.

  4. Kathryn--- as it was no hardship on you, please see me making stained glass is no hardship on me. pleasure all around


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