Sunday, January 30, 2011

7 for the weekend--- snow

Holy Trinity Lansdale, PA: Snow on Slate Roof
1. Above: a photo taken yesterday showing snow doing funky things on the slate roof of my church: Holy Trinity in Lansdale .

2. Lesson Plan Nonsense: With another storm appearing to possibly cause delays and or cancellations of school this week, I really feel like scrapping the whole lesson plan thing. Anyone willing to discuss this with my supervisor?

3. The emotional unrest: I am generally OK with uncertainty, but along with medical test results, I do not do well with snow. The idea of driving out into what may be a nightmare or may be a smooth commute unsettles me. On Wednesday while stuck at a red light, I watched cars making right hand turns down a rather steep transition to the road where I sat. Then I hoped that the garbage truck also kept its traction as it came down in my direction.

4. Snow Days: I don't love them as much as many of my colleagues, because if it snows that much it means I will be:

sore the next day
annoyed by parking in my neighborhood for days if not weeks
and stir crazy from being snowed in

4 b) However:

I don't have to live out that anxiety of driving to work
I can have bonus time in the studio: come back on Tuesday and Thursday for details of what transpired this past Thursday.
Mosaic Woman and I can usually walk to an open restaurant (unless it is a truly amazing storm) and leave a big tip to a brave waitress, who made it to work on a day that I was given off)

5 Snowcatcher's snowcatchers

I had visited this blog a few times before I saw why it is called snowcatcher. Check out her snowcatchers then take a look at the blog as a whole to see some amazing nature and bicycling photography.

6. Snow Lightning: We had some Wednesday night, which is not a good sign if you desire just a dusting (think of a thunderstorm that only produces a drizzle). I had Thursday off from teaching. Have you experience it?

7. Snow Leopards:

an animal which will likely not be seen by many of us for two reasons: one needs to get above 10,000 feet and they are becoming very rare. Years ago I read a book about them by Peter Matthiessen that I may just want to revisit. What I remember from the book was the passion for nature expressed by the author and being shocked by a map that used swastikas to mark off where Buddhist temples were located. I had not known the long history of the symbol and to this day I wish we could steal it back from the hatred it has become associated with because of Nazi Germany.


  1. I share your uneasiness about snow and the roads. Here's hoping this coming week is a bit more predictable.

  2. 2 - Can you assign them science shows to watch on tv to make up for not being in school?

  3. 3 - I am probably too blasee' (sp?) about driving in snow.

  4. 4 - Always happy to hear more about what goes on in the studio.

  5. I loved that book by Peter Matthiessen.

  6. 8 - And so you can see that, despite my ADD, I did read and ponder every one of the seven!

  7. Di--- thanks
    Robin--- overwhelmed ;')

  8. Well, you were right! That was a bigger than normal smile!

    I've seen lightning in snow one time, in Estes Park, Colorado, in about 1997. I never knew such a thing could occur.

    This was a truly great post! I do hope you warm up soon, though!

  9. Snowcatcher--- thanks, well above freezing today. a solid 40 degrees. glad you liked the post.


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