Monday, January 10, 2011

Science Mondays: Cosmos News of 2010 Quiz

  1. Our universe may exist within a ________
  2. The problem with warp speed is that it would ________
  3. By using a ______ we can see what it would be like to watch stars move behind a black hole.
  4. Neptune may have eaten a ________
  5. Sadly the attempt to be a ___________ freefalling dude got put on hold because of a law suit not a lack of a space suit.
  6. Jupiter lost a ___________
  7. Space-time may be old hat because of a new theory and pencil ______
  8. Saturn's Titan could be a good place to find _______
  9. The sun is eerily ________, and this is a bad thing.
  10. Just when you think you have seen everything ___________ are detected from a nearby Galaxy.

By the end of next week I am hoping my students can answer all these questions. For now you can find the answers at New Scientist. Click next .


  1. I enjoyed the quiz and actually thought the answer to the first question might be "bubble", having just "read" two books which speak of our universe possibly being but one of many within the surface of something "cooking?".....

  2. Jim... bubble is as good as any other such answer. I have learned quite a bit about the universe but much remains a mystery which is great by me.


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