Sunday, January 23, 2011

7 for the weekend--- celebrating a 2009 quilt show

47 175/365  Prakke's Storm Warning

Storm Warning; Shirley Prakke from South Africa quilted this.

47  174/365  Kuniko Saka:  Brilliance #3

47 172/365  Annette Bamberger's Optimism

47  164/365 Liz Jones quilt: Parasol

Some times you feel like a nut, a quilt by Barbara Barrick McKie

The Sampler by Barbara Persing

Quilt:  "Byzantine Gypsy"  by Pam Peterson


  1. The pic of the dove and all the others are just beautiful. I wasn't sure if you had made them all or whether they are pics of your friend's work. In many ways, it doesn't matter. I wish that such beauty could be displayed in my church.

  2. oh. my. quilts are so ordinary.........

  3. I love that if one clicks on the photos that it displays the title and artist from your flickr photos. I also love it when you post quilts, but I think you know why :)

  4. They're all so gorgeous! I can't decide whether #2, #3 or #4 is my favorite... :)

  5. Rob-- thanks for the visit. I saw them at a quilt show

    Elise--- your punctuation baffles???

    Valerie--- I have a few sets of quilt photos at flickr

    Blackswamp Girl--- great to see you. It's been a while. Who needs one favorite?

  6. Drool city. Extraordinary work. I love quilt shows. Do you get ideas for your glass from what you see at quilt shows?!?

  7. Snowcatcher--- yes, both of us have been influenced by quilt shows. Fell in love with green/violet color combo at one show.


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