Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: 8 folk who caught our eye in DC

47 95/365 EO Wilson with ants

138/365  Rachel Carson, a hero

47  126/365 Christ in Limbo

47  143/365  Another pseron I dig; Buckminster Fuller

47  151/365  Saint Jerome and the Angel

47  157/365  MFK Fisher

47  162/365 Carol Burnett's "curtain dress"

47 163/365  Carl Sandburg


  1. Cool photos, looks like a great time in DC.

  2. D.C.-one of my favorite places to visit, but can't say the same about the nearly two years we lived on the outskirts of it...

  3. Thanks for the visits. It will be a trip that will be remembered on many levels. That would be Scarlett's dress ;")


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