Thursday, January 20, 2011

Crafting On Thursday--- using Youghiogheny Glass

Last week I blogged about my trip to the Youghiogheny glass factory in western Pennsylvania. At that time I showed what looked liked a sea of sea glass but which in reality was broken bits of glass thrown out into the elements (including shoes and tires) outside of the factory. At that time I promised to show how I have used some of that glass. The cool thing about the glass is the variation within one sheet. So when I decided to do a doodling with glass (no design, just cut pieces then make something up) with one type, I got this --->

Wayne Stratz doodles with glass

Much simpler were two patchwork designs that I made and sold (the one above has sold too!) using a variety of Youghiogheny glass --->

47  140/365  scrapwork quilt Youghiogheny style
Wayne Stratz a patchwork of youghiogheny glass

My two highly favored mandala designs both have a large place where I love to highlight a piece of fancy glass:

a close up of a Dr. Ed Mandala I just finished --->

47  170/365 focussing in on the blue
a Dr Ed mandala by Wayne Stratz, with blue youghiogheny glass

My Sophia Mandala ---->

47  103/365  the return of the Sophia mandala
A Sophia Spiral Mandala by Wayne Stratz

Yesterday my wordless Wednesday featured one sheet of Youghiogheny glass. Since I took that photo, I have cut out 8 pieces which are now sitting paptiently in a work in progress. So look at that sheet, then you can imagine a bit of what this will look like when it is finished and lifted into the light.


  1. I can see why you love working in glass so much! I would find it hard to cut into some of those pieces though (much like some fabrics... I have to keep telling myself "scissors are my friend").

  2. The more I kept scrolling, the more I kept oohing and aahing. I love the shapes you use, and the colors you put together are always so catchy!

  3. loving the vertical piece! BIG change from your "usual" work, my friend.

  4. Valerie--- I know I could just put hooks on a pig piece of funky glass and sell it--- some do, but what fun is that.

    Snowcatcher--- thanks

    Red--- yes, not my typical thing but I do keep returning to straight edges from time to timr

  5. It's beautiful. What a wonderful piece and I love the colour too.

  6. Blu--- thanks for the visit and kind words


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